Pratapgad By Sankhyan kumar (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons



140 Kms

Best Season

Monsoon – Winter


Pratapgad fort is located 23 km west of Mahabaleshwar, a popular hill station in the area in Satara district and approximately 140km from Pune. Significant as the site of the Battle of Pratapgad between Afzal Khan,a Mughal Sardar and Shivaji Mahraj, the fort is now a popular tourist destination. Structurally fort can be divided into the lower fort and upper fort. The upper fort was built upon the crest of the hill. It is roughly square, 180m long on each side. It has several permanent buildings, including a temple to the god Mahadev. It is located at the northwest of the fort, and is surrounded by sheer cliffs with drops of up to 250m.The lower fort is around 320m long and 110m wide. It is located at the southeast of the fort, and is defended by towers and bastions ten to twelve metres high.


Statue of Shivaji

A 17-foot high equestrian bronze statue of Shivaji was unveiled by Jawaharlal Nehru, then Prime Minister of India, on the 30th of November 1957.

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