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120 Kms

Best Season

Winter, September to May


Mahabaleshwar is a city and a municipal council in Satara. It is a hill station located in the Western Ghats range approximately 140 km from Pune. It has an average elevation of 1,353 metres. It is considered as favorite holiday and honeymoon destination in india.


Kate's point (7 km)

Kate's point is located to the east of Mahabaleshwar and is famous for its view of two reservoirs, Balakwadi and Dhom. The point is around 1280 mts high.

Elephant Point (11.4 km)

One can see a natural rock formation with a hole in between, thus giving the name Needle-hole. The point is also famous for the view of Deccan traps, which look like an elephant's trunk.

Wilson Point (1.5 km)

Named after Sir Leslie Wilson, the Governor of Bombay from 1923 to 1926, Wilson Point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar at 1439 m. Known as Sindola Hill during the colonial rule, Wilson point is the only location in Mahabaleshwar where both sunrise and sunset can be seen. It offers a spectacular glance of Mahabaleshwar in all directions.

3 Monkey Point (2 km)

Named because of the natural sculpture of the stones which looks like three monkeys sitting beside each other and portraying 3 monkeys of Gandhiji. Nestled deep in the valleys one can figure out from the outline of a big stone a natural cut out it give an effect of 3 monkey sitting next to each other portraying the Three Wise Monkeys. This point is on route to Arthur's Seat.

Arthur seat point (2 km)

Officer Sir Arthur Malet (1806–1888), who sat here and gazed at the Savitri River, where he lost his wife and children in a tragic ferry mishap.

Venna Lake (2 km)

The Venna lake is one of the major tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar. The lake is surrounded by trees on all sides.

Panchaganga Temple

Panchaganga temple which is origin of 7 rivers Krishna,Koyana,Gayatri,Savitri,Venna, Saraswati and Bhagirathi.Out of them, springs of first 5 are continuously flowing whereas the spring corresponds to Saraswati comes alive after every 60 years and the spring correspond to Bagirathi comes after every 12 years.The temple is 4500 years old. After this temple Krishna flows individually.

Krishnabai Temple

Behind Panchganga temple, there is a small trail that leads to Krishnabai temple where the Krishna river is worshiped. It is built on the hilltop overlooking the Krishna valley and was built in 1888 by a ruler of Ratnagirion the Konkancoast. The temple has a Shiva lingam and a beautiful statue of Krishna. A small stream of the river flowing from a cow-face (gomukh) falls on a 'Kunda' or water tank. Stone carved columns and ceilings are the special characteristics of this temple. This old temple has gathered moss and is in ruins. It is not visited much by tourists and is isolated. But it provides a most exquisite view of the river Krishna.

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