Adlabs Imagica By Aaditya Bardhan (Adlabs Imagica 2013) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Adlabs Imagica


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Adlabs Imagica is an amusement park located near the city of Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway nearby to Mumbai. Adlabs Imagica is India’s first and only International standard Theme Park, offering fun, action, entertainment, dining and shopping at a single location. The park can accommodate as many as 20,000 visitors. It Features 21 attractions & rides and 5 themed restaurants.



Various rides like Various Zip Zap Zoom, Loopy Woopy, Swirl Whirl provides you with a different way of twist and turns, going with the flow.


Nitro is a steel Floorless Coaster at the Adlabs Imagica amusement. The roller coaster reaches a maximum height of 132 feet (40 m) and a maximum speed of 104.9 km/h. The coaster also features five inversions.

Scream Machine

Scream Machine is a Rotating Swivel at the Adlabs Imagica amusement park. Motorized rotation of the swing system takes place at max tangential and revolving speed of 28.6 m/s and 8 rpm respectively. It rises to steep angles of 120 degrees and achieves a height of 148 feet above ground level

D2 Dare Drop

This wild ride will shoot you like a rocket in the sky in a matter of seconds. Before you can even soak in the view or try and compose yourself, you will experience a total free fall from the height of 132 feet. Mind you, when you're shooting vertically at the maximum speed of 73 km/hr and super 4G forces.

Gold Rush Express

This ripping ride will drop you from the height of 66 feet and send you speeding through tunnels and abandoned gold mines at a thrilling speed of 65 km/h.

Mr. India

Mr. India is a Motion simulator ride at the Adlabs Imagica amusement India. The ride takes you through the entire journey of Imagica in wondrous car, where you will be helping the host-Mr. India to fight the iconic Bollywood villain, Mogambo.

Deep Space

Deep Space is a coaster ride at the Adlabs Imagica amusement park. The ride reaches a maximum height of 57 feet (17.5 m) and a maximum speed 68.4 km/h. The coaster also features 2 inversions.

I For India

This spectacular film, shot from a helicopter, is displayed on a 90 feet wide screen. You will soar like a bird above the gorgeous landscapes in India.

Cinema 360- Prince Of The Dark Waters

Take a virtual dive deep into the ocean and discover a world you didn't know even existed! Watch the larger than life mermaids swim in the 360 Dome film that will be showcased all around and above you on a massive screen of 3100 sq feet.

Rajasaurus River Adventure

It is an indoor ride which takes back the visitors to dinosaur age via a boat in a river. It features mainly rajasaurus, a dinosaur that was found in India. After a 10-minute journey, the ride ends by an inclined fall down to a water pool, quick and splashy from a height of 20 meters.

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