Krushnai Water Park By Bsnehal (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Krushnai Water Park


21 Kms

Best Season

February to June


Krushnai Water Park is situated amidst picturesque green hills, near Sinhagad Fort. Spread across 15 acres of land, Proximity to the Khadakwasala Dam and Panshet Dam makes it an ideal picnic spot for family and friends and enjoy this paradise. Krushnai Water Park offers a big selection of slides for all ages. Extreme Turnpikes, Aqua Trail, Pirate Island, Twisters, Black Holes and Wave Pool are just a few that can be experienced.


Aqua Trail

These water park slides are open rides. The rider uses tube rafts to slide. The riders experience a completely fun atmosphere while sliding on the ride. These water park slides provide most thrilling excitement for all the riders. This is a two person ride.

Rain Dance

Amongst the most fun zone is the Rain Dance at Krushnai Waterpark. The Rain Dance facility has the best sound to keep you pumped up and dance to the rythm of our DJ at Krushnai Water Park.


Turnpikes takes you to the magical experience with multilane rides. As you get to cruise into three parallel lanes at one time, you can go for a race with your friends. If you wish to go fast and enjoy water thrills with family and friends, don't miss these pikes.

Black Hole

The exciting sensation wraps you inside and exists you smoothly in the pool. You start at the top of the tunnel and travel towards the bottom at extreme speeds making you and your partner scream and shout with excitement. The echoes of the excitement create a one of kind experience.

Pirate Island

Pirates have invaded, a Kids play area designed to occupy the kids with various short and long slides. The famous Pirate Island is a great way to get drenched with a few seconds. The bucket is filled with water every ten minutes and emptied from the top of the castle. A completely safe play area where adults and kids can spend hours playing and dancing.


Twister storms you with exciting water whirls. Slide into it and experience exuberance at its peak. Experience the feeling of being swrilled in our unique single person ride.