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170 Kms

Best Season

Winters, October to March


Harihareshwar is a town in Raigad district, have two beaches − one, straight beach about 2.4 km long in front of Harihareshwar Temple, and the other beach is about 2 km in an L shape just in front of MTDC Resort. It is placed in the heart of nature and bounded with Sahyadri’s hills. Harihareshwar is an evergreen place and one may visit it in any season. There is no problem staying in Harihareshwar as there are MTDC (a Governmental body) and few private resorts.


Harihareshwar Temple

Harihareshwar Temple complex has two adjacent temples. The smaller Kalbhairav temple is expected to be visited first, before entering the main Harihareshwar temple housing an ancient Shiva Linga. A pradakshina route goes around the temple, along the sea shore. It is not advisable to go on this route during high tide.

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