158 Kms

Best Season

Winters, October to March


Shrivardhan is a taluka in Raigad district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It has developed into a seaside resort. Shrivardhan town itself does have many beaches as it is a peninsula. It is famous for seaside resorts and its calmness. It is right palce if you want spend some time alone with your loved ones. It is notable as the birthplace of Balaji Visvanath,the first Pesva (1713–1720) who was the Desmukh of the town.



Diveagar (Dive Agar) is located in Shrivardhan Taluka, Raigad district. Belu trees can be seen while visiting the beach which are uncommon in this area. The journey through tamhini ghat to diveagar is beautiful during the monsoon with varous waterfall along the way. The beach, facing the Arabian Sea, is approximately four kilometres and undeveloped. At the north end there is the fishing settlement while at the south end there is a sanctuary for migratory seabirds.


Harihareshwar is a town in Raigad district, have two beaches − one, straight beach about 2.4 km long in front of Harihareshwar Temple, and the other beach is about 2 km in an L shape just in front of MTDC Resort. It is placed in the heart of nature and bounded with Sahyadri’s hills. Harihareshwar is an evergreen place and one may visit it in any season. There is no problem staying in Harihareshwar as there are MTDC (a Governmental body)