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131 Kms

Best Season

Monsoon – Winter


Raigad is a hill fort situated in the Mahad, Raigad district. The fort, which rises 820 metres (2,700 ft) above sea level, is located in the Sahyadri mountain range. There are approximately 1737 steps leading to the fort, though today Raigad Ropeway, an aerial tramway, exists to reach the top of the fort in 20 minutes. In 1818 the fort was bombarded and destroyed by using cannons from the hill of Kalkai, so only ruins of the places are remaining. Best to visit the fort during monsoon or immediately after the monsoons. The whole place is green.


Raigad Ropeway

Tak Mak Tok

It is cliff on the top of fort. It was used for punishment and sentenced prisoners were thrown to their death from this cliff. View from this place is amazing and beautiful.

Hirakani Buruj

The fort has a famous wall called "Hirakani Buruj" (Hirkani Bastion) constructed over a huge cliff. Its story is that a woman by the name of Hirakani from a nearby village at the foothills of Raigad had come to sell milk to the people living in the fort. She was inside the fort when the gates were locked by sunset. The love for her infant son back at her village gave her the courage to climb down the cliff in the dark. She repeated the feat in front of King Shivaji, and was rewarded for it. In appreciation of her courage, Shivaji arranged for a wall built at this location.

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